We are planning to breed this Fall. We will endeavor to do everything in our power to produce a litter that has the best chance to be free of epilepsy. As time progresses we will use any and all new information as it becomes available that might aid in this effort. Feel free to contact us anytime and give us your thoughts.

This little girl is by Brigadoon's One Cool Dude and out of Brigadoon's I'm No Angel. The parents' photos are on the Our Guys and Our Girls pages. This female is probably the pick of the litter. She was born 12/17/2003.SOLD.


Here she is again in side view.. She is very nice and has one blue eye. This female has a great attitude and is a real go getter. An excellent show prospect and should make a great agility or obedience dog. SOLD



Here she is once more from the left or show side. Ain't She Sweet! SOLD


Here is the only blue merle male left in the litter with possible show prospects. He has a good attitude and could also be used for agility or obedience. He is of good size and is really smart. SOLD

This is the same dog as at the left but in side view. He really likes to please. He also loves going after a rag toy. SOLD

This is likely the best male in the litter. He is really smart and pays attention to everything. Also from the same litter as the others. SOLD

Here is a head shot of the male at left. He is still growing into that head. He looks a lot like his granddad. SOLD


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